We have been in the business of tax preparation for 40 + years, and use cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of the game. Our professionals are trained on the latest changes and the best ways to save you money. Our company culture is focused on client satisfaction. We have been serving Minnesotans and those from other states.


We help our clients pay the least amount of taxes allowable by planning and application of cutting-edge information and practices. We file tax returns for individuals, businesses, corporations, partnerships, trusts and estates. We file returns for all states that have a filing requirement. We assist in decisions relating to tax-deductible expenses, pension planning, employee considerations and tax credits. We become involved in a planning process that instructs taxpayers how to properly account for income and expenses in order to minimize their tax payments. We prepare all required forms promptly and correctly.

When you pay less in taxes you will have more money to invest for your own wealth. We show you efficient methods of meeting your financial independence goals. By tax deferral and prudent investing you will acquire great wealth.