Covid Business Stimulus

 Dear Profiler Clients,

We appreciate your continued patience as we face constantly changing programs and deadlines. Our staff is working beyond capacity right now to help our clients gather information for the varying loan applications.

Recently, we sent out two newsletters to all of our clients outlining the availability of SBA loans, the Economic Impact Payments, and Unemployment benefits. Please refer to those letters for links and additional information.

We want to draw you attention to two of the programs already outlined:
Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL)
      – This is a loan EVERY small business owner SHOULD APPLY FOR.
      – You can apply for an advance of $10,000.
                 i. Everything we’ve read says that these loans have no strings attached and will in all likelihood BE FORGIVEN.
                ii. It would be foolish not to apply for this loan.
               iii. You can apply online yourself. If we assist in any way we charge for our time.
              iv. This program also allows for additional borrowing that would require more information to be provided.
              i. These loans require information to be gathered.
             ii. We are charging a fee of $495 to help you get the most accurate information and best consulting. This fee applies to the application process only.
                      1. The fee is not due until the $10,000 hits your bank account.
                     2. The $10,000 usually hits bank accounts within a few days.
            iii. To enlist our help, please fill in the form below.

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)
      – You can apply for a loan that is equal to 2.5 times the amount of your average monthly payroll.
      – Small businesses with employees and subcontractors can apply for this loan.
     – You should contact your bank immediately to begin the loan process. This is completely on you to do.
           i. Organize your accounting reports
          ii. Gather W2s and 1099s
         iii. We will charge for our time in gathering required information
        iv. Fill out the form below.

Some additional notes:

This process will take time, both on our end and the government’s.

Because of the time crunch and large volume of inquiries we are receiving, we may not be able to return your calls, emails, or texts immediately. Please be patient with us.

Other firms are in the exact same boat as us. We are working to be attentive and expedient with all client needs, but it will be a little slower.

We appreciate your business. We look forward to helping you.


Profiler Consulting

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