What about the property tax refund?

The State of Minnesota allows homeowners and renters to receive a refund based off the amount of payment made throughout the year. Like all refunds, it’s based on eligibility – so, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get anything (but, it’s worth a shot).

The refund is calculated after your personal taxes are complete. The deadline for the property tax refund is August 15th. The paperwork is filed separately from your regular taxes.

File on your own or we can do it for you
Some people find the paperwork easy enough to do on their own. You can go to the state website and view the M1PR form. Otherwise, you can send your property tax statement to us and we can do the paperwork for you.

The form to use
The form you need to use (or send to us), needs to be for the current year. This is confusing for most people, since we do personal taxes for the previous year, but the property taxes are based on the current year. The form comes from the county you live in (or you should get a CRP form from your landlord). Generally, it arrives around March. On the form there should be a comment to the effect of: “Use this number on the M1PR for a property tax refund.”

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